To make on-trend, quality fashion that is accessible and affordable. To treat every customer with attention, consideration and respect. To promote diversity, equality and inclusion. To strive to be more sustainable, putting our planet and humanity above all else.


Meet the faces behind our product. The ones who make it all possible. The ones that we empower and that empower us, every day. Most garment makers at Selfie Leslie have been with us for over 5 years, webbing together a tight-knit family of passion and care that take our garments from pattern making right through to reality.



In 2023, we are on the path of creating and being a part of a lower impact product. Piece by piece, we are welcoming kind brands to our store that use eco-friendly and recycled fabrications. Things that not only look good, but DO GOOD. We encourage you to be a part of our journey by supporting the brands that support our world.



We pride ourselves on making fashion for every human alike. We employ and work with a diverse team of people from all walks of life. At our global HQ in Australia, you will find a refreshing rainbow of cultures that make our space one of warmth and discovery.



In 2023, we welcomed VDM The Label to the family. Using only recycled fabrications, we pay homage to our earth by representing a label with such a strong stance in the ethical direction. With a commitment to ethical production, environmentally friendly materials, and stylish designs, VDM The Label is leading the way in the swimwear industry and inspiring others to follow suit.

So whether you’re lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun on the beach, or exploring new destinations, we encourage you to choose VDM The Label and join us in our mission to create a better, more responsible world, one bikini at a time.



We oppose animal cruelty and have a strict "No Animal Policy" when it comes to our products.
We only use faux fur / faux leather, and we prohibit animal testing on our products. No exceptions.


We work hard to ensure no raw materials are wasted and insist on conscious consumption.

Small quantities are produced and only when we confirm high customer demand, we implement large scale production.

When selecting fabric, we do our utmost to source material that has little impact on the environment.


Our tier one factories have valid ethical manufacturing audits and our tier one suppliers have valid ethical manufacturing audits.

We have built strong relationships with all our suppliers, and we are committed to ensuring everyone is involved in protecting the planet and their values are respected.

We are constantly working on our tier two, three and four suppliers to ensure we all do our part to protect our people and our planet.


This year, we also welcome ROLLA’s

A brand taking every step to become fully sustainable using ECO fabrications and natural processes.



In recent times, Selfie Leslie has supported and partnered with the Princess Project to bring unused clothing to those less fortunate and in need. Have a read about this beautiful initiative.

The Princess Project executes its mission through seven core values. In everything we do, we strive to honor these values so that we can continue to provide an exemplary experience for the teens we serve, volunteers that help, and our generous donors.


Celebrate healthy body-image

We celebrate bodies of all sizes and avoid using body imagery in our marketing and outreach. Body-oriented graphics and artwork—like torso silhouettes, dress outlines or generic, stock prom photos—inadvertently convey an idealized body size, style and look.

By instead using images of the teens we serve and royalty-related imagery like tiaras and crowns, we celebrate the beauty and diversity of teens everywhere, in every size.

Value our earth’s resources

We value the importance of recycling and of using the earth’s resources wisely. We seek to show our respect for this recycling process by treating each clothing and/or accessory donation as valued and important.

Trust our community

We trust that teens who are in financial need of garments or accessories will attend The Princess Project events, and we will welcome them without question. We in turn will foster the important trust of our donors, who give to The Princess Project with the intent that teens in need will benefit.

Offer meaningful experiences

We strive to offer meaningful volunteer leadership opportunities for women, and seek to provide a venue for volunteers to grow personally and professionally.

We seek to make The Princess Project planning process rewarding, educational, and fun for our volunteers.

Include diverse representation of our community

We strive to include representatives of teens that we serve in our decision-making processes.

Create fun & respectful environment

We strive to create a respectful, fun atmosphere for the teens we serve at the Dress Giveaway events.

Include a diverse group of volunteers

We strive to include the diversity of people represented in our communities and our volunteer corps.

"The thing I love most about my job, is watching designs come to life in front of my eyes"

Belinda, In-House Machinist